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Resources to Support Student Interest Areas


Aviation Activities for Kids has Four fun aviation activities for kids from How Stuff Works including rocket races and a stable airplane mobile.

Create your own flight plan and aeronautical charts with Skyvector. It’s a little tricky at first, but there are plenty of tutorials for budding pilots.

With Aviation Weather Center your can track weather conditions around the world.

The GeoFS website it a free, online flight simulator with visual imagery from around the world.

You can build your own plane with four amazing from-scratch aircraft, plans. 

This British YouTube series, Amy's Aviation offers the basics of aeronautics. Suitable for children just beginning to explore the mechanics of flight.

Teacher Planet is a website that offers free worksheets, activities, and lessons about aviation for children.

Coding & Programming Resources

Visit Hour of Code to learn more about this global movement that supports the organization of coding events across the world. Use the site to get one started, or check out the dozens of coding activities, all one hour in length.

Visit the site to view, A Beginner’s Glossary of Coding and Programming Terms

The non-profit organization behind the Hour of Code events allows you to create an account on the site to save your progress, or visit one of several third-party opportunities linked at the site.

MIT’s Scratch program is completely free and completely awesome. Scratch is a coding platform that allows users to create, share, and remix any number of projects.

Learn more about Breaking the Glass Ceiling Early On: How to Empower Girls in STEM through Georgia Tech's Bootcamp website.

Crunchzilla’s Code Monster is a gentle introduction to coding for kids. Actions reveal immediate results in the coding box.

A downloadable software program, Stencyl allows users to create and publish a variety of games and apps to the internet. Paid subcriptions required to publish apps to the web and desktop, IOS, and Android..

Visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office for Kids and Teens to learn more about Intellectual Property (IP’s) through activities, videos, and online games.


Please visit Cybersecurity for K-12 students: A complete guide on how to get started to learn more about keeping yourself safe online. 

Also from Cybersecurity, read more to learn about Math and Cybersecurity.


Visit Engineering with ScienceKids to find games, quizzes, videos, experiments, and more all in one convenient location.

Visit Instructables to check out over two dozen project based engineering projects for kids. everything from bridges and cars to mechanical hands and towers.

See completely free, online curriculum developed by the Boston Museum of Science. Activities and adventures for preschool, kindergarten, grades 3-5, and middle school.

Crash Course Kids, presents engineering compilations an overview of engineering and engineering concepts.

Crash Course Kids, presents Physics a series of Physics videos for teens and adults (suitable for younger kids, too, depending on knowledge base).

Visit pbskids Design Squad Global to view hands-on engineering, science, and technology activities from PBS. Watch videos, play games, and enter the engineering challenge.

The entry hub for a host of resources on engineering and STEM information, visit, NASA for Kids for an introduction to engineering.

Visit the Massachusetts Information Technology's site MIT Open Courseware. You can set up a free account, click Get Started in the lower right of the screen for access to material from EVERY MIT department!

To work on this activity Engineering a Mountain Rescue Litter visit the site.

To challenge yourself try out this Build a Tower Project from the Central Texas Discover Engineering website.

Visit Engineering Go For It to learn about the latest findings in engineering and meet like-minded students.

Visit PBS’s Learning Media  to learn about projects and resources that help students learn about engineering filtered by grade levels.

Engineering Alert, visit The Homeschool Scientist for a variety of engineering challenges.

To create this DIY Hovercraft Project  visit the site.

Please visit to create this Water Bottle Fountain.

American Society of Civil Engineers has a large gallery of hands-on civil engineering activities. With over 100 easy-to-lead activities, organized by topic, grade level, setting* and special materials that help to introduce civil engineering to kids! 

Visit The University of California to learn about Chemical Engineering Fun for Kids through fun experiments for kids. 

Environmental & Life Science

Visit the National Geographic Kids Earth science and biology-based videos from around the web, curated by National Geographic Kids.

Visit, Brite.CO to learn more about the geologic components of rocks, minerals, and precious stones.

From astronomy, biomes and biology to landforms, weather, and zoology, Crash Course Kids covers just about any topic under the sun.

Visit the Science Journal for Kids from to find Peer-reviewed articles on environmental science issues curated just for kids.

Cells Alive! is an interactive look at cell biology and anatomy. This site features games and activities. there are videos-they are NOT free.

Adventures in Chemistry from the American Chemical Society has games, experiments, videos, and activities for kids from the American Chemical Society.

The University of Colorado at Boulder offers the PHET Interactive Simulations from UC Boulder. This site offers submit matter from biology, chemistry, earth science, math, and physics. 

Visit the Utah Education Network. select the interactive age group and then go into the site to choose from a huge subject matter list.

PBS Kid's Scigirl encourage young girls to participate in STEM through videos, games, and science club participation.

Visit Newton’s Castle website to learn more about Isaac Newton’s scientific discoveries.  

Visit the Science Bob Website to learn more about science through interactive science experiments, videos, and instructional lessons.

Visit the Museum of Science + Industry Chicago for hands on science activities, videos that are fun, and engaging.

Visit the Center for Games and Science  for games about scientific discoveries, STEM education, cognitive skill training, and individual intelligence.

To learn more about the solar system, space, and the universe beyond visit NASA’s Star Child website

Visit the Science Buddies for more information about their Hands-on Science resources.

Visit The Concord Consortium for interactive activities that help students learn more STEM.

Visit NASA Space Place to learn about science through games, videos, and fun hands-on activities.

Visit Kindergarten Lessons to learn more about Environmental Education for Kids. 

Visit Science Kids, an educational website that engages children by making science understandable and enjoyable. The website consists of fun activities, Facts, Project and experiments that help kids learn about science and technology. 

Create your own Boat that Floats by visiting Scholastic, This Naval Architecture activity can strengthen student’s science, math, creative, and problem solving skills. 

Visit Get Kids Into Survey, this fun website includes coloring sheets, posters, quizzes , and comic books that help students learn more about geomatics and surveying. 

Visit to print out their free science worksheets and engage in their hands-on activities.


Cyberchase is the online home of the popular PBS kids show, featuring math activities, videos, and games.

Check out, Cut the Knot this site offers dozens of challenging math puzzles and problems to stump even the most seasoned mathematician.

Visit, Figure This! The site that challenges students in multiple mathematical disciplines; algebra, geometry, measurement, numbers, and probability from the National Council of Teachers of Math.

Visit, the TedEd Mathematics Videos Archive to see dozens of videos on mathematical concepts and quandaries, in the trademark style of TedEd.

Are you looking for information on famous mathematicians? This site, offers short biographical snippets of over two dozen famous mathematicians. An excellent place to find a mathematical role model.

Visit, to learn more about the Top Ten Female Mathematicians.

Learn how to create, and run your own Math Scavenger Hunt  Discover mathematical concepts broken down by age and developmental level.

Mathematicians may work on problems for their entire life working on math problems. View, Wolfram Alpha’s Famous Math Problems to see a list of mathematical problems that have been solved & those that have not been solved.

Visit Hooda Math to play educational math games that promote learning organized by grade level and math subjects.

Visit the Kids Math Games Online  to access worksheets, videos, and quizzes covering various mathematical areas.

Visit Math Pickle for access to puzzles, games, and mini competitions organized by grade levels.

Visit SlashLearn helps students in grades K-5 learn using Math Games. This website makes math engaging by using active learning and can help them learn through play.

Visit Online Math Learning where they making learning math exciting. They provide free math help to students in various grades and use fun quizzes, homework assistance, practice problems, and games to keep students engaged.

To learn more about having Fun with Coins, please visit the U.S Mint for Kids. 


Thanks to the Chenier Branch of the Lafayette Public Library and M.I.Brary you can now check out a guitar, keyboard, or even an accordion the same way you would a book! Let the music begin!

Click, drag, and create your own beatbox mix, using Incredibox then share your creation with the world!

Discover, listen, compose, and create – even conduct your own symphony orchestra with the San Francisco Symphony!

Learn the building blocks of music, watch educational videos, build your own instrument, and more alongside the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

This site, Submarine Channel  offers five different website applications that allow you to create fun, innovative, compositions.

When you visit Field Recordings with NPR you can view musicians playing and the behind the scenes interviews with artists and musicians from a variety of genres.

Check out, Audiotool a free, downloadable tool to create, edit and produce music – right in your browser.

Visit How to Play Piano to learn about Free Music Theory. Their beginner friendly courses help students learn music at their own pace and covers all music theory rudiments.

Online Safety and Computer Usage

Read, Kids & Tech: Tips for Parents in the Digital Age for tips on healthy computer usage.

For more information on Online Safety Read this article from

Please learn more about helping your kids with Online Safety Guide from

Learn more about Student Guide to Internet Safety from

Performing Arts

Visit, Stagemilk, an online clearinghouse for actor education and information.

Check out Beat by Beat Press' fun, creative drama games for kids to break the ice and build acting/improve skills.

Visit, Footlight Parade to listen to radio productions featuring musical theater.

To learn more about the works of Shakespeare visit, Shakespeare Uncovered and listen to celebrity hosts discuss and analyze iconic Shakespeare plays.

Visit the Hilliard Art Museum to browse the collection of their past exhibits and explore pieces from their permanent collection. 

Visit Tate Kids to learn more about the creative arts through videos, games, and hands-on activities.

Visit Watch Know Learn to learn about art through their free educational videos.

Visit the Ducksters Education Site to learn about Art History Movements and Artist from different eras.

Visit New York’s Met Kids to learn about the Metropolitan Museum of Art through an interactive map, videos and creative projects.

Visit the Cleveland Museum of Art to browse various art exhibits using videos, highlights, and 3-D effects.

Visit Incredible Art, for access to free art lessons for students and through games, activities, and online resources. 

Visit Google’s Art and Culture website to view their online collections of well-known art museums around the world through virtual tours and high resolution images.

Visit The Children’s Theatre to access their activities, videos and games that make theatre fun for children of all ages.  

Remote Learning Resources

Check out the Junior Handyman’s Toolkit: Classroom Projects, Essentials and Checklists from for interesting projects from Building a Computer to Woodworking.  

Visit Scholastic’s Free Remote Learning Resource to gain access to their lessons for students K-9th.

Visit Acadiana’s Center for the Arts YouTube Channel, Pace Online their videos are catered towards children in grades K-2 and offer art-integrated learning. 

Visit Academy 4SC’s website for free lesson plans and educational videos for middle/high school students interested in psychology, economics, history, and philosophy.

Visit the Know it All Website to view their online assortment of media for students preK-12. Access their free online learning videos, audio, and fun interactive learning for all students.

Visit the Origami Club website for creative paper craft tutorials.

The Toy Theater offers high quality math, literacy, and art games that have real educational value and help students express their own creativity. 

Funology is an interactive website that helps children explore the world. Using crafts, recipes, science, games and trivia to educate students.

STEM and STEAM Resources

Couponfollow .com offers a listing of Free STEM Resources for younger and older students. 

Enjoy this Simple STEAM Activities to Do at Home with Household Items from the butterflyteacher ,com.

47 STEM Books for K-12 Readers offers a great selection of Literary resources for grades K- 12 from

Visit the Tech Guide website to view their K-12 STEM Resources: A Complete Guide.

Please visit, for information about Space Elevators and other Space-related information

To learn more about STEAM visit the Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM.

Check out these STEM Identity Resource for Women and Girls from College Educated. 

Visual Art 

Visit to see Visual Arts Examples.

Please visit to learn more about the Visual Arts.

Visit Cape Chicago for Art Resources for Families Stuck at Home. Their website includes digital learning, activities for children to do, and live/interactive streams that helps kids become creative. 

Please visit the Title Max Website to view their list of Virtual and Print Art Activities for children. 

To learn various arts, craft activities, and hobbies, visit NeoK12.