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The Reading Institute

The Reading Institute, housed in Maxim Doucet Hall 104, is used primarily to provide support for senior-level undergraduate students and for graduate students in the College of Education and Human Development. It also provides support for students from local area schools needing individualized literacy instruction. Children are evaluated and tutored by undergraduate and graduate students who enroll in reading courses designed to train both prospective and current teachers to diagnose, assess, and address reading difficulties.

The Reading Clinic, a major component of the Reading Institute, provides individualized reading tutoring for children in second grade and through fifth grade during the fall, spring, and summer sessions. During the spring semester only, a comprehensive evaluation program in reading is available.

The clinic serves as a two-fold purpose including:

  • to provide senior-level undergraduate students and graduate students with additional experience in assessing and teaching reading, particularly for children who have difficulties in reading, and
  • to provide a service to the community.

In addition, the Reading Institute serves as a context for conducting basic and applied research on literacy and for disseminating information on literacy research, best instructional practices, and technology applications to literacy. The Institute houses instructional materials, media, and technology; selected software for literacy instruction; a collection of catalogs for the examination of trade books; a collection of literature and instructional resources for children; diverse instruments for literacy assessment; and a professional library.

Comprehensive Evaluation Program

The Reading Institute in the College of Education and Human Development offers an evaluation and tutoring program in reading every Spring semester.

Evaluators are senior undergraduate and graduate level students with background in reading.

The child is evaluated followed by personalized tutoring sessions. The parent or guardian has the opportunity to confer with the evaluator at the end of the program and is given a written report with findings and recommendations for the parent and for the classroom.

For more information regarding enrollment, contact Dr. Abington-Pitre at 337-482-1618.

Contact Us

Dr. Aeve Abington-Pitre, Director
Phone: 337-482-5012
Location: Maxim Doucet Hall, Room 104