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Gifted Education Graduate Program Alumni

Michelle KreamerGifted Education Master's Program Graduate Michelle Kreamer

When I entered into my program, I had plans of teaching gifted education at the secondary level.

While I never took a gifted education position, the skills and knowledge that I learned in my master’s program were still incredibly relevant. I was able to apply this to my classroom to support the students with whom I worked, including those who were gifted. Additionally, this program helped me to realize that research is not something disconnected from classroom practices, but is something that classroom teachers can enact and learn from to continually enhance their instruction and support student learning.

Joanne BroussardGifted Education Master's Program Graduate Joanne Broussar

I strongly recommend the program! Be prepared to work hard, but know that there is a tremendous amount of support while doing so.

Leah TrahanGifted Education Master's Program Graduate Leah Trahan

Do it! Even if you never take a job as a gifted teacher this degree will guide you to becoming a more effective teacher. You will learn so much about how to reach the needs not only of students actually identified as gifted, but many of those that miss the opportunity to enroll in gifted programs but are still high achievers and benefit from the same types of learning opportunities and lessons. We also need advocates for gifted children and the more you know the better you can identify those students that are in your classroom from year to year.

Sandra ThompsonGifted Education Master's Program Graduate Sandra Thompson

I found this program to be highly valuable in furthering my teaching skills with both high ability and regular classroom students.

I was able to incorporate the differentiation, creativity, and curriculum activities into my classroom practice almost immediately.

The study of the social and emotional issues helped me immensely with more deeply understanding and serving my students. The general information about educational systems and practices informed my contributions to the development of my school as a whole.

Nicole CartGifted Education Master's Program Graduate Nicole Cart

If this is an area that you are interested in, take a class.

All teachers should have at least some knowledge of gifted learners and their unique needs.

I received a top-notch education from professors who are passionate about and experts in their field of gifted education.

Kellie Plaisance

I considered several master’s programs before deciding on the Gifted Education program. Overall, I believe I made the right choice. I use the knowledge gained and strategies learned on a daily basis in my regular education classroom.

Dawn M. Carricker

Once you start working with gifted students you quickly realize that their emotional needs are very high - they have this great academic intelligence, but their maturity levels are all over the place (especially at secondary levels) and you have to get to know your students well as individuals to help guide them in what they can handle so they are successful.