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Pre-requisite Override Request for EDCI

Enter your ULID (the ID starting with C).
Enter your full name as listed in ULink.
If you are an Early Childhood or Elementary Education major and are requesting an override, please email Mrs. Dawn Williams (
Enter the course for which the override is being requested. Please include the course prefix, the course number, and section number. Example: EDCI 140-001 PLEASE NOTE: ONLY EDCI, EDFL, IRED, LTCY and SPED COURSE OVERRIDES CAN BE ISSUED BY EDCI. Any other course prefix override requests must be sent to that course’s department, for example: ENGL 101-001 would need to be requested in the ENGL department and MATH 105-001 would need to be requested in the MATH department.
Enter the 5 digit number assigned to course (found in class schedule).
What error message do you receive when you attempt to schedule the class?