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Instructional Materials Center

The Instructional Materials Center serves students and faculty from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette by providing materials to be used in classroom instruction on the elementary and secondary levels. The Instructional Material Center provides an extensive variety of instructional materials for examination, evaluation, and utilization. There are currently 6 computers available for students and faculty for word processing, internet access, copying, and printing.


Textbook collection

Sampling of textbooks in all K-12 subject matter areas, state curriculum guides, and reserve materials which include readings required by the College of Education faculty. In addition, an entire collection of current Rigby publication has been donated to the Instructional Material Center.

Juvenile Collection

Our center is the home for the University's collection of children's and young adult books. There are approximately 6,700 titles in this collection.

Professional Collection

The Instructional Materials Center has books on a wide variety of subjects such as: history of education, educational psychology, instructional activities, or current issues in education.

Reference Collection

The Instructional Materials Center has several professional sources relating to book and non-book materials collections, classification, cataloging, and bibliographic aids in support of the library science curriculum.

Journal Collection

The Instructional Materials Center subscribes to numerous professional journals, juvenile journals, and magazines of a general nature.

Audiovisual Collection

This center offers items for various subject areas. Everything is represented from children's literature to science. Included in this collection are kits, games, DVD's, videos, etc, that can be used for educational purposes. Audiovisual equipment includes projectors (stepcart) and VCR and DVD players.

Praxis Collection

Contact Us

Mrs. Dawn Williams, Director
Phone: 337-482-6355
Location: Maxim Doucet Hall, Room 101B