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We are thrilled to present our
2023 LAgniappe Professional Educators Conference
June 6th - 8th, 2023

See the Program Flyer below:
LAgniappe Professional Educators Conference Program

Parent Night June 7th, 2023
See the Flyer and Roundtable Schedule below:
LAgniappe Professional Educators Parent Night Flyer
LAgniappe Professional Educators Parent Night Roundtable Schedule

We are grateful for our host ths year:

Episcopal School of Acadiana
721 E. Kaliste Saloom Road
Lafayette, LA  70508

For registration, please view the links below:
Registration of One to Four Participants:
$375.00 per person

Group Registration of Five or More
$325.00 per person

Check out our Original Curation from The Center:
The Importance of Self-Care for Parents and Their Families

Check out this week's Online Resource from Davidson Institute
De-Escalating: Helping Gifted Children Identify Their Emotions and Regain Control

Program Announcements:

Our June 2023 LAgniappe Academic Enrichment programs will use Destination Imagination® [DI] as our program framework. DI teaches students the creative thinking process. When students learn the creative thinking process, they learn to ask better questions, and to work collaboratively in groups to address the problem that is presented, and to find solutions. Students learn that failures are an important part of learning. DI is a true STEAM program.

Below are some thoughts from teachers and parents regarding DI.

"I like how students use their creativity to solve problems. The event is exciting and fun. Students learn the importance of teamwork."
- Sheila B.

"DI is a wonderful program that builds resilience, confidence and collaboration."
- Eileen M.

"DI is one of my favorite programs for schools, and I recommend it to everyone."
- Mari M.

"All three of my children have participated in DI. I've managed their teams and have served as our school's coordinator for a few years. I'm a big believer in the life skills and self-confidence that children build through their DI experiences."
- Alina C.

Our Spring 2023 Screening Window is now open for new participants seeking mandatory qualification for admission to our Summer Programs. Please click here to submit your application today. 

Registration for our 2023 Summer Academic Enrichment Programs is now live! Click here to register!

AEP: Innovators on the Rise
Click here to view, and register for the Rising 1st through 6th grade program!
AEP: Future Innovators Unite
Click here to view, and register for the Rising 7th through 10th grade program!

Program History

The Center for Gifted Education has a long and rich history of educating parents, students, and educators in and around the Lafayette area, the state, and the nation. The center was established in 1982 and is one of only 20 such comprehensive instructional, research, and service centers in the country. It is the only one of its scope in Louisiana.

UL Lafayette's Center for Gifted Education strives to focus on the needs of the high potential/gifted learner, parent, and educator. 

Our academic enrichment programs are designed to support the development of talent in high ability, gifted, and talented learners. For specific details visit our Children's Programs pages. The LAgniappe Educators Conference is the South's premier conference for educators and parents of high ability/gifted learners. This annual conference offers an opportunity for in-depth learning from the leaders in the field of gifted education. For more details visit the LAgniappe page.


Beginning in Fall 2018 ALL new students seeking to participate in programs presented by the Center for Gifted Education must submit a one-time, non-refundable, $25.00 application fee.

Returning Students:
Students previously accepted into the Center for Gifted Education programs have the status of Returning Students.

There will be a class fee per student.

New Students
Students must qualify for admission to the Programs presented by the Center for Gifted Education. This requires students seeking to participate in the Programs presented by the Center for Gifted Education must submit a one-time, non-refundable, $25.00 application fee.

Upon submission of the application fee the parent will receive the parent checklist and we will send a teacher checklist to the teacher listed in the application. The application fee will cover the review of the parent, and teacher checklist. Dr. Bruce-Davis will determine student qualification for participation after a review of the checklists.

Older students (5th grade and above) who are NOT in a Parish GT Program will require a score review to determine admission.

New students who are in a Parish GT Program must submit a one-time, non-refundable, $25.00 application fee, and the parent and teacher checklist. Identified students must also submit the 1st page of their most recent IEP, or the Welcome letter from the Gifted and Talented Program. GT Program students do not need to submit scores for review.

Programs for Masters in Gifted Education and Doctor of Education Exceptional Learner Concentration! See below for More Information!

Master's Degree Program in Gifted Education

Learn more about a faster way to finish your Master's in Gifted Education! This Master's in Gifted Education program provides a variety of experiences to support graduates in gaining and understanding the unique needs of gifted and talented students.

Doctorate In Educational Leadership with A Concentration in Exceptional Learners

To learn more the Doctor of Education Exceptional Learner Concentration please contact:
     Dr. Christine Briggs -
     Dr. Donna Wadsworth -

For more information regarding the Graduate School application and Educational Leadership program, please contact:
     Dr. Amanda Mayeaux -

Contact Us

Please contact the Center for Gifted Education with any questions.

Kathleen McIntire, Administrative Coordinator III
Office Address
Cecil J. Picard Center for Child Development and Lifelong Learning
Room 266
Lafayette, LA 70506

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 43648
Lafayette, LA  70504-3648


Hosted by

Dr. Christine Briggs, Director of the Center for Gifted Education