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Block Courses

As an Elementary Education major, you will take a variety of courses to develop your content knowledge, learning theory, teaching strategies, and assessment techniques.

In order to provide a seamless progression through the skills of teaching, most methods courses (as well as other courses that support or provide foundations for the methods courses) are sequenced in a developmental manner. To accomplish these goals, certain courses are scheduled in blocks, with each blocked course requiring at least ten hours of field experience outside of class time.

You are required to adhere to the block scheduling of these courses and to the sequence in which the blocks occur in each curriculum. You are urged to check with your advisors to plan well in advance for the scheduling of the course blocks.

Block courses listed that must be taken together:

Block I:

  • EDCI 300- Language Arts in Elementary School
  • EDCI 430- Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers
  • IRED 320- Technology in the Classroom

Block II:

  • EDCI 349- PK-6 Mathematics Methods I
  • EDCI 425- Science in Elementary School
  • READ 310- Reading in Elementary School
  • READ 311- Practicum in Elementary School|

Block III:

  • EDCI 350- PK-6 Mathematics Methods II
  • EDCI 351- Practicum for Elementary Mathematics
  • EDCI 426- Social Studies in Elementary School
  • EDCI 427- Teaching in a Diverse Society