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Early Childhood Education Gr PK-3

Our Early Childhood Education Gr PK-3 Program focuses on children's learning through play, based on the research and philosophy of Jean Piaget. This belief is centered on the "power of play." Play meets the physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social needs of children. It has been thought that children learn more efficiently and gain more knowledge through play-based activities such as dramatic play, art, and social games. You will help children to develop the core building blocks of knowledge that will be the foundation for their school careers and the rest of their lives.

You will have many hands-on opportunities to work with this age group and you will create lesson plans and apply them in a classroom setting. The hands-on opportunities include, but are not limited to, working in youth programs on campus, field experiences, and the year-long  teacher intern residency in area schools to teach things like science, engineering, robotics, storytelling, writing, to name just a few.

Upon completion of the entire program, you will receive certification through the Louisiana Department of Education to teach grades PK-3. See Praxis Requirements for certification.

This program prepares its students for licensure or certification within the state of Louisiana. Please visit the list of licensure programs for important information if you plan to move out of state.