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LAgniappe Conference

Thank you to our Speakers, Attendees, and Volunteers! You make this conference GREAT!

A 4-day summer premier conference targeted to understanding the unique needs of gifted and high ability individuals. High ability learning is not just for those students who are gifted, but also to develop the talents of all students to help them reach their potential. Choose 4 topics each day and explore each topic in-depth for all 4 days!!

All educators: Teachers, counselors, administrators, and home school parents -- you are cordially invited to attend this professional development conference.

Our four day conference includes in-depth sessions on topics such as, Critical Thinking and Crystallized Intelligence, Visual Thinking Strategies, and Understanding the Social and Emotional Lives of Gifted Students.

Hosted By 

The Center for Gifted Education at the University of Louisiana

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For more information, contact Christine Briggs at 337-482-6718.

Christine Briggs, Director
Office: Picard Center 264
Phone: 337-482-6718